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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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undaunted by playing with a professional golfer and stepped up to the first tee and ripped a shot and went on to break 1 00 for the round, becoming an instant hit for the spectators and media. this got national and international exposure and i thought it was worth noting and we're very proud of our relationship with the first tee and this first story shares. >> i had the golf channel on accidentally and saw the whole thing. >> accidentally. [ laughter ] >> last week the california coastal commission voted unanimously to uphold the project at the west wednesday of golden gate park and perhaps the most vetted soccer field in u.s. history and the vote means that the renovation project can move forward.
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i wanted to thank you all for your patience in the project it will result in additional hours of play and save nearly 6 million gallons of water each year. the project is part of a public-private partnership between the city and city fields foundation which has worked tremendously with us. it has and a successful partnership in our city for our kids and enabled us to add 2400 new san francisco kids playing ball and 200 new youth sports team as a result of this work that we have done together. the theme is soccer today. so earlier this week, the city devin dufty is work with the hope opportunity engagement announced that we are very
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privileged to be hosting street soccer usa, the west coast cup, which is a tournament to raise awareness for homelessness and to bridge the good between our various communities. the tournament takes place in june and includes both corporate teams and homeless teams from cities across the nation, playing and competing with each other. this story got some coverage, and i think some people were saying huh? homelessness, soccer and i wanted to bring up the founder of street soccer usa to tell us a little bit more about the tournament and show us a short video. rob, come on up. >> thank you for your time. >> come up to the mic. >> thank you guys for your time. and i wanted to show you a couple of quick videos. the basis of it is as we talked -- phil was just speaking about these new hours that we have for our youth across --
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to have more hours to play sports and we feel the same way with the homeless. we have youth programs that teaches leadership skills and we're using the same principles that apply to team sports with our homeless population and we have folks who come in and we go into shelters and drug rehab centers and teach them job and life skill through a basic curriculum. they set 3, 6 and 1-month goals 12-month goals and connect to services. >> another update, bay area [pwrao-erbgsz/] the women's professional soccer team in the world league, basically triple air has announced kezar stadium
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as their home stadium and the breeze will be competing now through july with six home-games at kezar. again while rob is loading up the video about street soccer, we have a couple of staff recognition items that i wanted to share. last week the board of supervisors did take time out to recognize and thank various members of our gardening custodial park maintenance staff who went above and beyond the call of duty to get our beloved golden gate park. 4/20 is the date when we are unfortunately welcomed tens of thousands of visitors who did not necessarily use our parks
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as responsibly as we would have liked. and it was a mess. and yet, within probably 24 hours, 24 hours, sharon meadow looked as good as new and that is a total tribute to our staff and thank supervisor london breed who took the time out to recognize our team at the board. and it's this kind of dedication and continued efforts, which are why this week travel and leisure magazine named golden gate as one of the world's most beautiful city parks. rob am i done stalling are are you ready? >> i'm ready. this is the portable street soccer that we hosted in washington, d.c. and last year we held it in times square new york. this is an intro to the event in 2010.
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[ music ] >> what you guys are proving is that we have - [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] it's amazing what you guys do. >> we gather in this community and that is what this country is about, showing off in the nation's capital. that is what we are doing with street soccer. [ music ]
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>> to raise each other up and get people off streets. >> i have gotten housing and i am no longer housing. >> they are doing a lot to help out homeless youth authentic other homeless people. >> what can i say about these guys? it's growing and i hope it gets bigger and bigger and i hope more people become aware of it. >> it's gaining momentum everyday. it brings local leaders and local citizens together with our national key marks around the country all coming together for a great cause. >> it's another way, a creative way in order to get people off the streets and get them involved with something positive. it's going to help their self-esteem. >> they know they are respected and there is dignity and it can change their lives.
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>> so this event takes place june 22, 2013 in jutin herman plause plaza. and we'll have those programs competing as well an open tournament for others to compete in. you know everyone thinks that the homeless person is the person begging for money and you see people in uniforms helping each other out and they are sweating and runing and really challenging people's stereotypes of who the homeless are and what they are capable had? >> thank you, rob, from a park's perspective, so much of the conversation that we have about homelessness is really focused on the regulatory and kind of the negative and enforcement and when rob presented this opportunity to us, we really seized tt we
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have a motto here that everybody deserves a chance to get out and play and here is an opportunity to do something positive for truly our most vulnerable community in san francisco and to promote health and competition and it follows along the lines of rec and park commitment to have positive change through sports. you see that in our programs and we're really proud to host that and grateful to have soccer usa for wanting to come to san francisco. thank you, rob. >> last, but not least, he has been waiting patiently and it's time for our employee quarterly recognition and i want to bring up mark, who is the proud recipient -- mark, if you could just sort of stand right there. >> item. [ applause ] >> mark is very clearly popular in our department and that is because he makes
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everything work. mark is our information systems business analyst extraordinaire and so much of the front-end programs that we are able to provide are really dependent upon our technology and our systems. and you know, i have said often that our goal is to make the recreation and park department the most technologically robust and savvy and innovative parks department in the country and it's great to say that, but without people like -- without people like mark, it really can't happen. and so mark is this quarter's employee recognition certificate and i want to read the accolades that his own colleagues -- this is a peer-driven award have said. mark pitts who started with the recreation and park department's misdivision in 2007 is the chief designer of our computerized business processes and data management for all of the different areas department. which has the benefit of saving recreation and park columbialy time and money of his recent review of serayears of at&t
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bills noticed inconsistent and inaccurate billing that mark proceeded to connect through the central bill system and ended saving recreation and park annual costs. in the last couple of years he has accomplished considerable innovative work, including create a revenue tracking system for the finance division, creating a cost tracking system and internal payroll system for over 650 temporary recreation staff weas move to our new rec model, the burden has been immense. the class system, creating a tracking system between recreation and park and dpw and working on upgrating our total managed asset system, which tracks all our deferred maintenance and all of our fix-its, our work orders in the
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system. mark has been in the middle of it all and we lost mark for a while. mark was a very highly coveted free agent, and another department lured him away, and we all were very sad. but then kind of like -- i don't know, cliff lee returning to the phillies, give me another example? he missed his family at recreation and park. and he came home. and it just show his true dedication to our mission and for that mark, we want to give you this certificate of appreciation. [ applause ]
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>> i don't have much to say, it it all sounds excessive when it's enumerated like that. thank you. >> thank you for everything. [ applause ] >> we will conclude the gm report and jamie is going to put that up there and then we're done. [ music ]
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[ music ] >> the parks are the core of the city and really what makes the city great and i am very proud that everyone has been able to accomplish it and i know we'll keep making things better and better and better and it's one of the true crown jewels of our system and so congratulations. [ applause ] [ music ] [ [ [ music ] >> it has been well over 100
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years and an incredible philanthropic organization that is focused on giving back and that really means something, something very important and something very serious in the parks world, where we are charged with stewarding over 4,000 acres of open space and 220 parks all around the city. we can't do it alone and we can only do it with the help of companies like yours and individuals like all of you. [ music ] [ music ] >> and that concludes the general manager's report. >> thank you very much. >> is there any public comment on this item? being none, public item is closed and we're on item 13, general public comment continued. anyone wishing to make general public comment?
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this item is closed. commissioner items, commissioner matter s >> nothing matters. [ laughter ] >> no, commissioners' matters. public comments? being none, this item is closed. >> new business and agenda-setting, is there any public comment? being mon, this item is closed. communications, public comment? being none, this item is closed and we're on 17, adjournment. >> move. >> second. >> moved and seconded. so moved. [ gavel ] >> good morning, everyone. i'm tailor stafford, president
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and ceo of pier 39 and on behalf of our grateful water front family, it is my privilege to extend a sincere thank you to the port of san francisco for all that you have done, and continue to do to build the best water front in north america. pause plause [ applause ] >> from at&t, home from the world champion san francisco giants to the building, to the new exporatorium, and new cruise ship terminal to pier 39 and all of the restaurant and businesss in between, we are all proud to wish you, the port of san francisco a happy, 150th anniversary. today, project such as the new warriors arena establish the port as a world class destination, due for large part to the vision of mayor ed lee
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and monique moyer and as well as the dedication of the port commissioners and staff. it is now my pleasure to introduce honorable ed lee, mayor of san francisco. [ applause ] >> good morning, everybody. happy birthday. i just want to make sure that you know that if you combine the ages of myself, or president chiu, and monique moyer we might get to 150 years, maybe. but i'm down here to have fun, today, get out of city hall, go to bubba gumps and make sure that i spend it with other people who love to have fun like our port commission and hers directors and the staff and the rec and parks here and i know that the fire chiefs had to lessen her fun time and go to a three alarm fire and thank you to her for being vigilant
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for the city. and we would rec and park they have discovered yet another great partner to find water front open space that we can all enjoy, both in terms of getting our public to understand our bond program better, but also to create new spaces. so thank you, phil for being here as well. our port commissioners extend not to present but to past for commissioners and he knows that and i saw mike and others, because it takes generations of people to create things along the water front. it is incredibly expensive to restore a lot of our piers and monique is the first person to know that intimately and historically but we do have persons and entities that want to continue this fabulous water front experience and to make investments, where there is
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jefferson street, brandon wharf and pier, 30, 32 and the exporatorium this wonderful opportunity. i want to thank, past and present port commissioners, and i see them here now. that they have earned the title of being the greatest stewarts of our water front and so thank you for your ongoing effort to do this. [ applause ] >> and the work incredibly well with the other agencies. i know that because this is pier 39 and one of the most iconic travel destinations, i understand that is why, john martin was here, because while he flies airplanes he is part of an incredible transportation center and we all know that and we all share in that wonderful experience with being clearly, the best nation for so many, millions of people, every day.
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and as we do this, we reinvent and reinvest and find other reasons for people to enjoy themselves here. and those projects like the exporatorium and like the bay lights and renewed effort to create more water-base theds transportation to compliment the bridges that we build. we will create more bridges on the international level for our city. so, all of that in the context of a great anniversary, 150 years, there is going to be throughout this year, more stories to be told about what this 150 years means to our city, because, there is a lot of generations of people who came to this city, many, many years, built communities, built their small business and their livelihood and hopes and helped us to establish the fisherman's wharf and help us to establish all of the maritime that they
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have created life times of reasons of why people want to continue visiting our city and we need to acknowledge all of that history. and all of it has not been easy, there have been difficult things and we have had fights over what is proper, and what is not proper, but we have always had in our sites in all of these different struggles, the success of our city, the golden gate bridge and the hope that it brings to many generations of immigrants that is what our city is built on and the honor that we have with all of our labor partners who also jimmy herman and the cruise ship terminal that they are honoring and built it through years of generations of struggle but also great celebrations that we have. and so this is wonderful year, and 150 years of history. let's learn it all and continue to appreciating, but let's look forward to the next 150 years, inastructure to do that.
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we are laying the foundation to do that. we are creating partnerships among the agencies, but also public, private partnership to create it, because i will tell you that someone who is going to invest, $250,000 to $200 million on the piers it is an incredible to the faith that they have in the city and it is about investing confidence and why we exist in such a great wonderful city and so thank you monique and the port commission and to all of your wonderful partners and staff for working so hard with the entities like pier 39 and others who will continue to invest in the confidence here and along the water front and thank you to the labor and all of your partners thank you to all of the other agents for being here, happy 150th anniversary, to our great city.
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>> thank you, we wish to continue your success. also, here with us today is the president of the board of supervisors, and the supervisor from our very own district three, david chiu. [ applause ] >> thank you, tailor. mr. mayor, if it is okay, could you and i just declare it a city holiday today so we don't have to go back to work and hang out here on pier 39? >> i want to thank all of you who are the incredible diversity of the community that is the port. the community that our water front peers and our wharfs. this is the story of our city. our port has really defined our past as i think that we all know, the first 49ers came right here to this spot to build this city, during world war ii, our military ships were recommissioned, right here from our port. we know that our friends from
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labor as the mayor said, built our city, starting here with this water fort and this is the story of our city and we also know that the water front in the port defines who we are and it is amazing in 2013, if you just walk along the water front in my district, you will start at the fisherman's wharf street scape improvements and to the cruise ship terminal that we just cut the ribbon for and you walk down to the terminals and the ports where america's cup will entertain a million, international visitors within a few months. walk down a couple more blocks to piers 15, 17, where we are going to see a half a million kids come to go all the way down to what we know that will be the next site of the warrior's arena and down to the ballpark and the water phone and the port is our city's present and it is our city story. but we also know that this is a
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story that is going to continue and one of the things that we love in pier 39. if you come here any day you will see the boys and girls playing with their parents who will come back a few years later as teenagers and young adults. and young men and women, flirting on the peers, dating each other, who will come back a few years later for their honeymoon, who will come back a few years later with their kids. and so, the cycle of the story of our city continues and that i know that in 50 years when we are celebrating the 200th birthday of this blai, when monique's grand daughter and ed lee's great grandson, are helping to run this city, they will look back on to the city leaders today, who are represented by all of you. and say, you know, in 2013, our city forefathers or city foremothers thought it appropriate to invest in our port and make sure that we are building a 21st century port to
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last, happy birthday. thank you. >> i think that we all look forward to that moyer lee, administration. and finally, our good friend and dynamic leader, the executive director of the port of san francisco, monique moyer. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> okay, so raise your hands, how many of you would like to be me today? i am so humble and honored, what a great fortune to land my term right on the 150th year because the one thing that i will tell you about being 150 years old if you realize that your time is really short and insignificant, and if i were to dare to count how many port directors there have been before and how many there will be after it will become more of a second time, but, i get to be here with all of you and so many of you who have been here at this water front for decades, all of you from
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fisherman's wharf thank you for coming today, because of you it is our water front that has evolved ahead of everywhere else in the world this is a perfect place to celebrate. because here we have a little bit of something of everything, in fisherman's wharf. it has been part of the port since its inception that is how we ate, and how we did commerce and how we paid for the fish we ate with gold but nonetheless we subsifted on fish and the agriculture that was born around the bay and san francisco to feed the miners who were farmers and to create a new economy for san francisco and haven't we brilliantly and completely made new economies and so many knew that we have to name the latest new economy of the economy of invention and creativity and isn't that what we were doing in the gold rush and so it was stunning to be here with all of you who have made this possible. in 1900, the community worked
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with us to move up here in this area of a water front, and more of a lagoon area where we could congregate better and save the area where fisherman's wharf had been for the commerce that was needed to sustain our city. as the most of the logistics changed and as the needs changed as a community it was fisherman's wharf that helped us to envision what could be the future. in almost 50 years ago, the discussions began, how to enlifen our water front and how to keep it a working water front as we have here with all of us, as visitors, as those folks who are enjoying the great suit that they have to offer and the wonderful open space and also the working ferries that are helping to transport us around the bay and are here for us in times of emergency and celebration and so that is bha we stand for in san francisco, and this is a terrific place for us to celebrate, and i could not be more honored to be here with all of you, to celebrate those generations that went before us. and as mayor lee, and president
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chiu said so eloquently, those generations that will come after us, it is a tremendous honor, and i thank you for being here to share in that honor and please happy birthday, to all of you, and to the board of san francisco. [ applause ] thank you, monique. >> and now the moment that we have all been waiting for. the birthday cake. >> i would like the speakers to gather on the cake and lead us all to sing happy birthday to the board of san francisco. ♪ [ applause ]